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Joining the Visit Indy

And why you should really think about doing that.

What does joining the Visit Indy get you? In a word: exposure. Because we communicate with thousands of people every year, we can promote you to a huge audience made up of meeting and event planners; convention delegates; tourists; local residents and other businesses.

Your business will be automatically listed on our VisitIndy.com website—plus we’ll include you in our Visitors’ Guides and other publications. When we’re talking to planners or city visitors who need services like yours, you’ll get our enthusiastic recommendation. And in any other situation where we’re welcoming actual or potential visitors, you’ll be one of the partners we draw on to educate, entice and otherwise engage new arrivals.

In return, we get to add you to the over 700 area businesses that are already part of our team. As the city’s “hospitality committee,” we benefit from the addition of each new member. Your presence will allow us to provide a more complete service package for our city’s visitors. And your dues can help us attract more visitors (and spur more economic growth).

No two of our partners are exactly alike. Which is why we treat each one uniquely. Which is why we’re not giving you a rigid set of bullet-pointed services right now. Instead, we’d prefer to meet with you personally—and get to know your business before we start talking specifics.

So give us a call, or shoot us an email. And let’s talk more about what a partnership with the Visit Indy can offer you.

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